So you would like to learn about why tattoos fade and what you can do to potentially prevent the fading process? Let's explore below:


Firstly, Which Tattoo Colours Fade the Fastest?

All of the lighter and brighter colours such as pink, yellow, light green/blue etc Will always fade faster than the darker colours, as well as the black and grey ink. The darker and more bold the tattoo ink, typically means they will last longer. Lighter and brighter colours will usually require touching up over time to maintain that colour the user is after. Don't let this discourage anyone from going all out with their favourite colours, just keep in mind, you will need to apply a cream like ours, regularly, to aid in maintaining that colourful appearance.


Do Tattoos Fade After Healing?

To keep your tattoo looking as fresh as possible, make sure you re-apply the tattoo aftercare product often and necessary, especially during the entire healing process. The best thing about Ink Nurse, is that it allows your tattoo to breathe, which is very important. A lot of other products are thick and do not allow this. 

Tattoos will fade due to the natural ageing process, however a few things may speed up the fading process. Such as direct sunlight. Probably the single worst thing for the health and appearance of a tattoo, is sunlight and extended exposure to sunlight. 

Tattoos will also fade depending on the location and placement of your piece. If you have been tattooed on the back of the hands, feet or somewhere prone to friction from clothing items, then this too can speed up the fading and deterioration of the appearance and vibrancy of your ink. 


Avoid scratching during healing.

Scratching the scabs on the tattoo during the healing process (may feel satisfying, but) will make your tattoo fade faster, there is just no doubts about this. It will interfere with the healing process and hinder the final appearance of your tattoo.

Luckily Ink Nurse contains natural ingredients to aid and remedy the dreaded itchy phase. Do not pull off or scratch any scabs. When your tattoo is healing, let them fall off naturally. Not all tattoos will scab the same during the healing process, however it is very important not to interfere with the healing process, unless washing and applying aftercare. 


How to Make Your Tattoo Look Better?

Avoid excessive direct sunlight and take care of your skin in general. The healthier the environment of the tattooed skin, the healthier and more vibrant your tattoo will be. Keep your skin hydrated and healthy, use Ink Nurse daily to ensure your skin is healthy and moisturised. 

It's not rocket science, however a lot of people tend to forget to take care of their tattoos after they have healed. If you don't take care of your skin, it won't look how you want it to. This isn't even just about tattooed skin, but your skin in general, anywhere. Without a proper skincare routine, you simply will not see your skin and tattoos look as healthy as they deserve to be.


- Betty xx