Whether you’re in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world, when it comes to choosing a tattoo artist or studio to bring your perfect tattoo design to life, there are a few things to consider. For instance if you’re after a large-scale design with gradient shading, you’re probably not going to book into a studio that specialises in fine line stick and poke tattoos. 

Reputation also matters, it’s important to do your research on artists and studios before making a booking to make sure they are going to be the right fit for your vision.

Each tattoo design will have its own needs and will require a specialised artist to deliver the design to a high standard. Fortunately for our Victorian friends, Melbourne is home to some of the best and highly acclaimed tattoo artists in the world. But with a tattoo studio on almost every corner of Melbourne’s buzzing streets, it can be extremely difficult to find your perfect match.

To help narrow your search, here’s a list of our suggestions for the best tattoo studios in Melbourne.


1. Addikted to Ink – Coburg, Collingwood & Frankston

Addikted to Ink is one of Melbourne’s leading tattoo parlours, having opened 3 separate studios across the city in their first decade servicing the industry. The tattoo franchise boasts high-end tattooing services in almost all styles; from black and grey and colour realism, to traditional styles, neo-traditional, stipple/dot-work, script, chicano and more. Their work has been recognised with several awards over the years, setting an industry standard for all other studios. You can find them in their OG stomping ground studio in Coburg, their private studio in Collingwood, and their fresh new store front in Frankston.

2. La Belle Tattoo Studio – Cranbourne

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the girls behind La Belle Tattoo Studio bring the best of traditional, blackwork and realism to the Melbourne scene. Their studio is decked out from floor to ceiling with an array of vibrant designs that encapsulate their professionalism. Pick a design from their bank, or talk through a custom piece and watch your vision come to life. Oh, and while you’re there, make sure you say a friendly hello to Kaya and Erin for us!

3. Golden Goose Tattoo – Healesville

Golden Goose is a boutique tattoo studio servicing the Yarra Valley region with clean, detailed work that leaves a lasting impression. The artist’s hold themselves to a perfectionist standard, crafting meticulous designs with impeccable results. Not only this, but Golden Goose was the first ever studio in Australia to offer a 100% carbon neutral and vegan service in the craft of tattooing. Lily is the woman behind this gorgeous studio and we’re BIG fans of her work, so make sure you drop by and check out some of her designs.

4. Blue Lady Tattoo – Melbourne CBD

In the middle of Melbourne’s CBD you’ll find Blue Lady Tattoo somewhat hidden away in a converted loft-warehouse space, a far cry from your average dark and dingy, off-the-street tattoo parlour. With the walls and cabinetry adorned head to toe with flash tattoo designs, Blue Lady Tattoo offers high-quality, diverse designs, meticulously created to suit your vision. From neo-Japanese styles to traditional blackwork designs and custom pieces, the team at Blue Lady Tattoo are dedicated to bringing satisfaction to your next ink piece.

5. Zimni Ink – Melbourne

 Zimni Ink is a small studio in the hub of Melbourne’s inner suburbs. A quick stroll from the Queen Victoria Markets and you’ll find a small team of talented artists with years of experience up their sleeve. Their style is distinct, but not restrictive, specialising in watercolour designs, fine line, geometric, illustrative, and black and grey.

6. Full Moon Tattoo Studio – Prahran

Nestled behind the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s famed hospitality strip, Chapel Street, rests one of the most authentic tattoo studios in the city – Full Moon Tattoo. This veteran studio has been serving clients in the area for the past decade with an array of styles and custom pieces, all uniquely designed to cater to the client.

The artists at Full Moon have a deeply-rooted passion and respect for their craft, taking time and care with every design, leaving no detail spared. 

7. Rock N’ Ink – Glen Waverley

Set in a 50s inspired studio in the heart of Glen Waverley's buzzing social scene, Rock N’ Ink offers the perfect blend of modern, cutting edge designs with the traditional. With a bank of talented and experienced artists in residence, the team at Rock N’ Ink make it their mission to not just meet your tattoo expectations, but exceed them at every possibility. 

8. Third Eye – Fitzroy North

Known to most avid tattoo seekers in Melbourne, Third Eye is one of Australia’s leading tattoo studios, home to some of the most respected artists in the industry. With a vast offering of styles and appointment types, there’s nothing the team at Third Eye can’t deliver on. The team brings something new to every design, with a keen eye for detail to give each client a lasting result to rave about. Whatever your vision, the team at Third Eye have you covered.