Healing Wraps For Tattoos: Why Are They Important?

A proper healing process is an important part of tattoo care. If a tattoo gets infected due to improper healing, it could completely ruin the design. This is the last thing you want after all that pain spent on the tattoo chair. Worst case scenario, it will see your tattoo lead to infection and potential health complications down the track. That is why the use of aftercare items for tattoos, such as healing wraps and aftercare creams are a must to get the piece healed and looking fresh.

Speaking of tattoo healing wraps, using one has lots of benefits in helping the healing process. To find out how, read on as we help answer all your burning questions such as how long to keep a tattoo wrapped, should I wrap my tattoo at night, and more!


Tattoo healing wraps offer protection

A tattoo wrap protects the piece of art from bacteria seeping into the skin while the wound is still fresh. Because a new tattoo is an open wound, it's a sensitive area that's prone to germs and bacteria entering it. When that happens, complications such as infections, swelling, pus, and more can occur, messing up the artwork and endangering the tattoo owner's health. And even if this infected tattoo heals, scarring is likely to occur which would affect how the tattoo looks on the skin in the long term.

More than that, wraps also protect the tattoo from being irritated by clothes and other surfaces rubbing against it. By applying one on the newly tattooed area, there's no need to be overly careful in wearing and taking off clothes.

FAQs for first-time tattoo wrap users

Got any questions for us? Here are some answers that will help you use our Ink Nurse Tattoo Healing Wrap Pro effectively during aftercare.

How do I wrap a tattoo?

Before applying our Tattoo Healing Wrap Pro, clean the tattoo thoroughly and leave to dry. Put a fresh wrap on the piece afterwards. It can either be cut to fit the tattoo's size or overlap the wrap. When unwrapping it later, apply a thin layer of Ink Nurse Remedy Cream.

How long should I keep my tattoo wrapped?

During the first application, keep the tattoo wrapped for around 24 hours. How often one needs to rewrap the tattoo afterwards depends on the method used - either dry healing or wrap healing.

Should I wrap my tattoo at night?

To prevent any fluid leaking from the tattoo onto your bed sheets, apply the wrap before going to bed. The leaking fluid itself is normal and is part of the process, but it's still best to keep it covered to avoid a sudden trip to the laundromat.

Is dry healing or wrap healing better?

While both methods use tattoo healing wraps, dry healing only applies the wraps at night while being exposed throughout the day. Wrap healing on the other hand requires the tattoo to be wrapped all day aside from when it needs cleaning every few hours. The latter is less common and is mostly recommended for bigger tattoos. But ultimately, the better option is what works for the person, so it's best to consult a tattoo artist beforehand.

For the best tattoo aftercare possible, get your hands onto some of our Tattoo Healing Wrap Pro paired perfectly with our Multi Purpose Remedy Cream to protect your tats and avoid infections. Additionally, unlike Saniderm or other tattoo second skin products in the market, our wraps use a softer medical grade adhesive that isn't harsh or prone to causing irritation. Pamper and protect your newly-tattooed skin in the best way with us!