Ink Nurse - What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

Just so there is NO confusion surrounding the term 'CRUELTY FREE', We do our best to break this down and also help to understand the difference between CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN. 

According to PETA, their definition of Cruelty Free is; "the product was developed without any tests on animals".

Which we insinuate that there was no harm done to any animal, no testing and no using animals in an unnatural and unjustly manner with regards to a business or product. 


What is the difference between VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE?

Once again, according to PETA, Cruelty Free means that the product was developed without any tests on animals, while Vegan means that the product does not include any animal derived products whatsoever. 

One major and often debated ingredient relevant to this question, is Beeswax.

Beeswax is NOT considered Vegan to many and PETA will not allow a brand or product to use the Cruelty Free accredited logo if it contains Beeswax.

In regards to it being Cruelty Free, It IS possible, however the correct methodology of extraction MUST carefully be undertaken. PETA will more than likely not issue a Cruelty Free accreditation for Beeswax however. 
For more insight about this, check this article out; HERE.

Some tattoo aftercare creams contain Beeswax, which we would never use.

Not just because we strive to live up to the Cruelty Free + Vegan definitions but because it's simply not a good ingredient to use in regards to tattoo healing and tattoo care. Beeswax is too thick and does not absorb overly well. This is counterintuitive and not what a fresh tattoo is yearning

Well that's it for us on this topic for now!
I hope you learned something, Thank You - Betty 👩‍⚕️🖤