Why choose a vegan aftercare product?

Vegan tattoo aftercare products should NOT contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Many people will have a negative reaction to synthetic ingredients and break out in some form of skin irritation. This is obviously not what we want.

Tattoo aftercare does not have to be a complicated product and process. Natural, clean and simple ingredients are found in most tattoo care products, however you need to look closely and ensure no hidden nasties are inside. 

Vegan Aftercare products should contain natural, clean ingredients that aid in helping the healing process happen quickly and effectively without irritation or disruption. Using Ink Nurse can lead to a shorter healing time, less scabbing and less/no itch, often the worst part of healing fresh tattoos

Plant based ingredients and natural oils typically tend to work well with the majority of skin types. Of course, one should always spot test and know which ingredients their skin may react with possible allergens and irritants. 

Using a product like Ink Nurse, which is certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free with plant based ingredients, can work more effectively by penetrating the epidermis and providing a deeper and more effective hydration compared to other non-vegan products. We heap praise on our Jojoba and Rosehip additions, NOT found in anyone else like us! 

Even GQ MAGAZINE picked up on our special natural ingredient formulation! 
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When Ink Nurse was in the Research and Development phase, which took place over 12 months, both in Australia and the USA. We knew we had to use natural, vegan ingredients. This was especially evident when we compared a synthetic compound formula of our remedy cream - tattoo butter on ourselves. The healing time, the reaction and effectiveness of the vegan product outperformed the non-vegan tattoo butter we had developed. 

The next step was to ensure we found an Australian manufacturer that could formulate our product and develop our 'Ink Nurse Vegan Tattoo Remedy Cream' with certified natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

That brings us to today. We have done the hard work and research so you don't have to. Vegan skincare, especially with sensitive abrasions on the skin like a fresh tattoo, need special and targeted natural attention. This means plant based, vegan ingredients are the way to go. 

As always, Much Love - Betty xx